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May Newsletter

Golden Age Cycles Gallery Newsletter, May 2022

The Gallery, with a temporary display of beautiful machines.

Golden Age Cycles’ showroom is just next door – they now have over 300 bikes in this room, and are fitting wall hooks as fast as they can!

A close-up of some Hetchins and Colnago machines temporarily in the Gallery.

Well, we’re all very excited at here at The Golden Age Cycles Gallery. We still can’t quite believe that we’re only a couple of weeks away from the Official Opening of our unique attraction here in the Cotswolds, and we’re working hard to get everything as straight as we can before May 15th.


1) Charitable Status – We’re making progress with our application for Charitable Status. This will have several benefits;- It will emphasise that the Gallery is a not-for-profit organisation, it will reduce our liability for Business Rates, and it will enable us to sell donated items on eBay without any selling fees. We’re currently seeking additional Trustees so we have a wider range of experience and ideas to bring to the Gallery, and an experienced Treasurer. Please contact us if you’re willing to get involved.

2) We’re delighted at the positive response we’ve received from the selected prestigious partners who we’ve invited to display in the Gallery. We’re looking forward to working with Hetchins, Condor, Argos Cycles, Eroica Britannia and Chater Lea. Please let me know if you have any contacts within Brooks Saddles, Mercian, Sturmey Archer, and of course Campagnolo.

3) We’re in discussion with the Veteran Cycling Club, and are hoping to host some of their committee meetings in our upstairs office area.

4) Loan or donation of Cycles for the Gallery – We’re bowled over by the offers of stunning cycles to display in the Gallery. Space is limited, but we’re aiming to have the best of the best on display, so are always interested in upgrading our display with outstanding machines. We’re preparing our Loans Agreement Documents, please contact us if you have an outstanding cycle or other exhibit that you would be prepared to lend or even donate to The Gallery.

5) A resume of the schedule for The Grand Opening on May 15th, 2022. Cyclists, cycle enthusiasts and members of the press & public are all cordially invited;- 10:00 Gates open, 6 Station Yard, Adderbury OX17 3HJ. 10:30 Speeches & ribbon cutting. 10:45 Onwards, riders leave in waves, and tour the showroom & gallery as they return, last riders back around 1.45 p.m. A big thank you to Banbury Star Cyclists Club, who are organising the rides, (20 mile & 40 mile). Loaner classic bikes will be provided to Banbury Star riders, the media, and any celebrities who make contact (in advance, please); otherwise, just bring the oldest bike you've got. Please wear a helmet; the life you save may be your own… 10:45 Non-riders have refreshments and tour the Showroom & Gallery. There will be coffee and cakes, sandwiches, soft drinks, wine and even ‘Curly Hetchins Ale’!

To register your intention to attend (as a rider or visitor), or for further information, please contact Brian Reid at the address below.

6) Fundraising requirements - As you can imagine, setting up a small museum doesn’t come cheap, so we’re always after donations to help us improve what we offer to our visitors. We’ve currently after funds, (or cycling related items which we can sell) to purchase;-

Kitchen facilities - £600, Coffee machine - £350, Upgrade to alarm system - £895, Upgrade to CCTV system - £1245 Display shelving for bikes £4000, Installation of a shower & changing area - £1200, Rent & Insurance - £350/month, Roadside sign - £230, as well as a long-term acquisition fund for outstanding exhibits as they come on to the market…

If you feel able to make a donation to support our work, please contact Brian Reid to donate funds, items for sale, or with you have alternative fundraising ideas.

We look forward to seeing you on May 15th, any Tuesday afternoon, or any other time by appointment.

6 Station Yard, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, OX17 3HJ

01295 722427 / 07952 062201

Calendar of Classic Rides, May/June 2022.

Sunday 1st May

Kent Section - Between our Houses Ride

Chiltern Section - Round the Lakes Ride

Monday 2nd May

East Midlands Section - Belvoir Retro Ride

Wednesday 4th May

Hampshire Lightweights - Mid-Week New Forest Meander

Friday 6th May

Oxford Section Ride

Saturday 7th May

Glavon Wits Section - Memorial Ride

Sunday 8th May

North Yorkshire & South Durham Section - North Tees Ride

Ripley Road Section - Chestnut Sunday

Cheshire Section – Rural Ride

Cambridge Section - Ephgrave and Meridian Combined Lightweight Ride

Scottish Section - Pre-1920 Ride

Hereford Section - Major Nichols and Brum Bike ride (Date change from 1st May)

Wednesday 11th May

Hereford Section - Golden Valley Wombat

Lancashire (Lightweights) - Flatlander to Roots Cafe

Saturday 14th May

Scottish Section - Fawdry’s Frolic

Lincolnshire Section - Dam Buster Ride/John Foster Memorial Ride

Oxford Section - Lightweight Ride

Sunday 15th May

Oxfordshire – Golden Age Cycles Gallery Ride

North Yorkshire & South Durham Section - South Tees Ride

Northumbrian Section - Noah’s Ark Ride

Wednesday 18th May

North London Section - Mid-Week Skive

Saturday 21st May

Northern Ireland Section - Co Antrim Roadster Ride

Oxford Section Cotswold Flat to Cogges Café and back (Date change from 28th May)

Sunday 22nd May

Hampshire Lightweights - On your Midland Marques

The Ripley Road Section - A Very Special Event

East Midlands Section – Raleigh Rally Display

Sunday 29th May

Hereford Section - Clun 30

Cambridge Section - Conybeare XXIst on Restoration of the Monarchy Day

Scottish Section - Duncan’s Delight

Essex Section - Roy’s Ramble

Chiltern Section - Cycle Display Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

East Surrey Section - Airport to Aerodrome Ride

Thursday 2nd June

East Midlands Section - Belvoir Retro Ride

Sunday 5th June

North Yorkshire & South Durham Section - Around Hartlepool Ride

Kent Section - 1940s/50s Ride

Hereford Section - Early Cycle Ride

Cheshire Section - The Marbury Loop

Scottish Section - Kinnes’ Kaper

Ripley Road Section - Odiham Ride

Oxford Section - Pre-1936 Ride

South-West Section - Bryan's Birthday Ride

East Midlands Section - Charnwood Jubilee Journey

Wednesday 8th June

Hereford Section - Alvin’s Wigmore Wander Wombat

Saturday 11th June

Glavon Wits Section - Dave's Dabble

Sunday 12th June

Hampshire Lightweights - Vegetarian Ride

North Road Section - Fixed Wheel Ride

Scottish Section - Old Kilpatrick to Balloch

Northumbrian Section - Edmund Hall Memorial ride

Wednesday 15th June

North London Section - Mid-Week Skive

Hereford Section - Tally Ho! Wombat

Lancashire (Lightweights) - Hellifield Station

Saturday 18th June

Northern Ireland Section - Randalstown Classic Lightweight Ride

Saturday/Sunday 18th/19th June

V-CC Wayfarers’ Group - Pilgrim’s Way Weekend

Sunday 19th June

Scottish Section - Maltby Madness

Ripley Road Section - Ripley to Hyde Park

East Surrey Section - Canter around Lingfield

North Yorkshire & South Durham Section - Old Railway Tracks Ride

Friday 24th June

Oxford Section Ride

Saturday 25th June

Scottish Section - The Coupar Angus Cycle Display

Lincolnshire Section - Who said Lincolnshire was Flat!

Sunday 26th June

Hampshire Lightweights - Cheriton Climber Challenge

Cambridge Section - The Cambridge 50

Essex Section - Raleigh Round


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