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Golden Age Cycles launches in January 2016

Golden Age Cycles is a new company located near Banbury that specialises in vintage, classic and collectors’ bicycles, focussing on high quality British hand-made machines from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. The company will be launching at Bicester Heritage’s Sunday Scramble on January 3rd 2016.

Owner Brian Reid said “In this country we’ve always loved classic cars and motorbikes. Recently we’ve also become a nation of cyclists. What could be more natural than putting the two together to form Golden Age Cycles? We’re making the best bikes in the best condition available to new owners. They may ride them or look at them, but these are beautiful machines which deserve to be cherished. I’ve got 50 year old bikes that have been ridden for 50 miles then hung on a wall as a work of art. I’ve even got a 15 year old bike which has never been sat on, but it’s certainly been appreciated”.

Like anything worthwhile, bicycles from Golden Age Cycles aren’t cheap, but when classic cars can go for millions, maybe a couple of thousand pounds for something you can admire, ride, and even hang on your wall is good value for money after all.

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