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Vialle Velastic, 1925

Vialle Velastic, 1925

A wonderful barn-find - a French Vialle Velastic from the mid-late 1920's. The pictures say it all - a terrific and rare bike, (although handlebars slightly bent, chainstay poorly repaired & rod brakes need attention). Regarded as one of the classic bike designs from the early 20th century, it really does deserve a good home to go to. DATE: 1925 COUNTRY: FRANCE WEIGHT: 17,3 KG FRAME HEIGHT: ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT GEARS: 1 - the Velastic was built in France by the Vialle brothers - an advertisement claimed in 1925 that the Velastic made cycling as comfortable as sitting in an armchair - forks, handlebars and rod brakes are "roadster" style - key feature is the saddle support formed by the heavy steel leaf spring - the spring bolts directly into a short box-section seat tube welded to a girder - seat height could be changed by lifting or dropping the leaf spring - a real "velo eslastic" with an elaborate suspension - Brooks tooled saddle.
Collection from Banbury or can send by courier.
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