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Unused Lotus 110- sneak preview!

Unused Lotus 110- sneak preview!


One of the most iconic bikes ever made. The Lotus 108 track bike was designed by Mike Burrows and raced to success by Chris Boardman in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, but only 15 were ever made, almost all of which are in museums. Some 40-60 road-going 110’s were made in the UK before production shifted to the Aerodyne Company in South Africa in 1995, where a further 263 were made – including this one. There are far more than 263 collectors who want one of these!

We recently imported this from South Africa, some 20 miles from the Aerodyne factory, from a lady who's uncle had it from new. We're finishing it off, but so many customers were disappointed to see it sold that we're letting you know about this one ASAP!

How do we know it's unused?

1) The seatpost is uncut. Holes have been drilled, but will not allign with the seatpost clamp untli it's cut.

2) The chainrings and jockeywheels have never been touched by a chain.

3) A front derailleur has never been fitted

4) Brake cables have no clamping marks

5) Rear wheel hangers have never been fitted, (paint is still intact in the internal threads).

6) The previous owner had no rear wheel hangers (currently being made by the Lotus 110 Owners Group).

7) The previous owner had no seat clamp, (I've sourced a used one).


  • Tech Specs

    Manufacturer – Lotus / Aerodyne, South Africa
    Model – Lotus 110

    Frame Size; 75cm from BB to top of seatpost (the seat post should be cut to fit the owner)!

    Mechanical Condition – Excellent
    Cosmetic condition – Good to very good, (a few scratches from storage/freight).

    Components details;

    sachs New success throughout. some scratches to bottom of rear derailleur. I've ordered a NOS front derailleur, the LHS crank is missing, but they're rebadged Campagnolo Chorus chainsets.

    Unused Mavic 3G wheelset with unused tyres.

    I would expect potential purchasers to view this bike before purchase if possible.

    Price - £8500 for frame and forks only.

    £9500 for frame, forks and wheels

    £10,500 for complete bike.

    We paid £2000 import duty and VAT on this lovely machine - but it's worth it!

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